There are websites out there that are scams. Any Get Paid To website that does not pay their users when the user meets all conditions to be paid, is considered a scam. I will post any website that does not pay me in this section along with any other website that have enough reasonable proof (such as complaints) out on the internet to be considered a scam.

Note: If you have a website that has not paid you please Contact Me and I will consider adding it to this page if I can find further support of your claim. Also Contact Me if you have been recently paid by a website listed on this page.

DO NOT JOIN WEBSITES LISTED BELOW. Domain names are provided on ensure accuracy.

Websites I have personally been scammed by…

  • CassandrasClicks – ( – I reached the $5.00 minimum payout on this website and I waited months for my payout request to be completed. I have never received any payment or notification of payment. I have decided that this website is a scam. Other reports of this may also be found on the internet by other people.
  • Wealth Wars – ( – I played this game everyday and reached minimum payout and did not receive an email to cash out. I lost patience with this website as they are claiming to be renovating. I have also heard complains from other people calling the website a scam.

Websites with reasonable proof on the internet of being scams…

  • CashFiesta – ( – There are many complains that this website of basically cheating.  When you have enough or overly excess amount of cash to claim, they cancel your account and claim that you used fraudulent methods. Avoid this website.
  • Spedia – ( – There are many complaints on the web that people are not receiving they’re checks and Spedia does not track or replace checks “lost” in the mail.