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Rating: 5 Stars

Get Paid To Search: You get entries in the $100,000 drawing when you search using Winzy. You can also win instantly when searching. You can win things such as an iPods, gift certificates and extra points. You start of as a basic member. As a basic member you receive 1 point per search, are eligible to win instantly during your first 30 searches of the day, can earn a maximum of 30 points a day using the searching feature and you are automatically entered in the monthly sweepstakes. Upgrading to Gold Star status is absolutely free. All you need to do is download and install a toolbar (which can be turn off). As a Gold Star member you receive 2 points per search, eligible to win during your first 50 searches of the day, you can earn a maximum of 100 a day using the searching feature and you are automatically entered in the monthly sweepstakes. You also get exclusive sweepstakes and promotions and your account has "Gold Star" status.

Get Paid To Play: You can extra points by playing games such as Winzy Lunck Sevens and Rock, Paper, Scissors. If you are part of the Winzy Fan Club you can play Roulette.

Referrals: You get 250 per referral or "friend" as they are referred to on Winzy. You win any prize that your friend wins. You become part of the Winzy Fan Club after you invite 1 friend in any given month and you are a permanent member of the Winzy Fan Club when you have 5 friends. The Fan Club enters you in an extra sweepstake and allows you to access extra games.

Minimum Payout: None

Payout Method: Cash and Prizes

Overall Review: This website has a lot of chances for you to win stuff. You have the potential to earn a lot of points just by referring people because you receive exactly what they get when they win. I highly recommend upgrading to Gold Star status because it is free and it will double the amount of points you receive every search. I go to this website everyday and I search until I have an instant winning. However, feel free to search until you have earned your maximum amount of points for the day. There has yet been a day where I have received an instant winnings.

Winzy - Search and Win!

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