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Get Paid To Play: This is a lotto type game called Money Wheel. You are limited to 100 plays every day. You pick 4 random 2 digit numbers and a bonus 1 digit number. You win points on depending on which and how many numbers match the winning numbers. The winnings are 10 points, 25 points, 100 points, 500 points, 5,000 points, $25, $250, $50,000, and the Jackpot. They have another game called Banko. This is similar to a Bingo game. You get 10 cards a day to play with. 

Referrals: 10% referral points and prizes

Minimum Payout: $25.00

Payout Method: Gift Cards

Overall Review: This is a great way to play and play because it requires no skill. You can pick your own numbers or just have NetWinner pick random numbers for you. Just keep this up in your background and play while you are continuing your normal routine on the internet. Don’t forget to verify your email address in your account!

NetWinner - You Play, We Pay!

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