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Rating: 3 Stars

Get Paid To Read Emails: There are 0.33 cent, 0.25 cent, and point emails. When points are converted to cash, it comes out to 1 point equals 0.035 cents. You get from 50 to 100 emails every day. Most of the emails are point emails.

Get Paid To Complete Offers: There are very few signup offers on this website but they range from $0.25 to $6.00.

Get Paid To Click: There are 2 Get Paid To Click sections: cash and point. In the cash section you can earn, 0.33 cents, 0.25 cents, and 0.02 cents. The point ads are all worth 1 point (0.035 cents after conversion).

Referrals: 5 Referral Levels – 15%, 8%, 4%, 3%, 1%.

Minimum Payout: $3.00

Payout Method: PayPal

Overall Review: There are plenty of Paid To Click ads on this website. When I first joined this website, I felt very overwhelmed. There were just so many emails every day to go through. After a while, I figured out it is worth it to sort through the emails for just the cash offers. It is much easier and faster to get points in the Paid To Click section then through the email system. Take advantage of the on-site email box. You don’t want to clutter you own email.

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