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Rating: Do Not Join. See Review Below.

Get Paid To Surf: In order to get credit for surfing the internet you must download a toolbar. This toolbar is completely harm free, easy to download and easy to install. It is on the bottom of your screen and you can exit or hide the toolbar at anytime. As of right now, there is no standard rate at which you get paid and you can only receive a maximum of 5 hours of surfing time a month. You will earn shares worth money in this website for each hour you have surfed.

Referrals: On this website you have direct referrals and extended referrals. Extended referrals consist of 4 levels down. In order to receive full credit for your referral’s hours you must too use up all your hours. For example, if you only surf 50% of the maximum payable hours in a month, and your referrals each surf 100%, you will be credited with only 50% of the payable surfing time for each referral.

Minimum Payout: Monthly Payout

Payout Method: Check

Overall Review: Unfortunately, Agloco has not been able to generate enough revenue to be able to give some back to it’s members.  There has been an email sent out to all of its users stating the fact that there is not enough money to be give back to the members of Agloco.  I would not recommend joining this program to be paid for surfing the internet.

Agloco - Own The Internet!

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