Hints, Tips, and Guides

        After being part of Get Paid To websites, you start to learn techniques that help speed up your money making progress on the internet. The ultimate goal of this page is to help you reach your earning potential. You want to try and make the most amount of money in the least amount of time. This page is aimed to help increase your earnings on Get Paid To websites.

How To Increase Earnings and Approval Rates When Completing Offers!

1. Enable Cookies

        Make sure cookies are enabled when you are Completing Offers. Cookies allow websites and advertisers to track your activity when Completing Offers. I recommend using Internet Explorer when completing offers instead of other browsers such as Firefox, Netscape and the AOL browser. These browsers sometimes use proxy server and Get Paid To websites do not really like that.

        To enable cookies in Internet Explorer go to Tools –> Internet Options –> Privacy Tab. Move the slide to "Accept All Cookies". I recommend when you are not Completing Offers to slide the tab back to default which is usually "Medium" or your own preference. If you are using a different version of Internet Explorer or you are going to try to Complete Offers in a different browser check out Google’s tutorial on how to enable cookies by clicking here.

2. Clear Cookies

        Clearing cookies help you start on a clean slate and make it easier for websites and advertisers to track you while you are Completing Offers. You should clear your cookies before you start an offer.  You can clear cookies using your browser if you already know how. I use a program called CCleaner. It is completely free to download and use. It has no spyware and is very simple to use. Click here to visit CCleaner’s website to download and install.

        Clearing cookies will probably remove your login information on a Get Paid To website. Close all internet browser windows, clear cookies, open the Get Paid To website, and complete the offer. If you are going to another offer you may want to start the process over. This may seem like a lot of work, but if you are spending 10 minutes completing an offer, you want it to approve so you get paid. For small offers no worth and much and that do not require a lot of time, you may be able to get away with just clearing your cookies once before you start.

3. Firewalls

        Sometimes firewalls can interfere with Completing Offers. You may want to hold on when Completing Offers on campus at college or at work. These networks usually have very strict firewall settings which may prevent you from Completing Offers. If you seem to be having a lot of trouble on your home computer, try disabling your firewall when you are Completing Offers. Be aware your computer is more vulnerable during this time.

4. Check Email After Completing an Offer

        When you are completely finished with an offer, make sure to check your email address. Sometimes you must click a confirmation link in your email or visit a website from the sponsor.

5. Provide Accurate Information

        If you provide false information to sponsors such as your name or address and the advertiser finds out, they will not credit you for completing the offer. You would not want to waste your time filling out inaccurate information. If you are not comfortable with providing specific information, don’t Complete Offers that require you to do so. Just skip the offer and move on.

6. Protecting Your Privacy

        There are some ways to protect personal information when you Complete Offers. I suggest creating a different email account for Get Paid To websites and you could even make another email account just to Complete Offers. Instead of giving out your cell or home phone number, register at PrivatePhone (Check out the Getting Started page for more information on PrivatePhone and creating new emails)

        Some offers require a credit card. Theses offers often are higher in value. You can prevent giving out your personal credit card number by buying a prepaid credit card. These work just like credit cards, however, you only have a limited supply of funds available. This way, if you come across a website that gives you problems by over charging or does not stop charging your credit card they can only get so much money. You can get Visa gift cards as low as $20.00.

7. Don’t Repeat Offers

        There are times where the same offer appears on different Get Paid To Websites. For the most part, you can only complete an offer once from the advertiser. If an advertiser recognizes the same name, user name, address or email, they may not credit you for the offer again. So if an offer seems too familiar, it may be a better idea to stop and make better use of your time. 

8. Don’t Rush!

        Advertisers and sponsors have ways of tracking the time you spend completing an offer. If you rush and complete an offer to fast, the advertiser may feel they you are not providing accurate information and not credit your offer. If it is an offer that requires some sort of feedback, the advertiser may feel that you did not put enough effort into your response. You don’t have to go to slow, however, rushing can decrease your approval rates.