Getting Started

If you are new to this whole concept, I would strongly recommend reading through this section before joining any Get Paid To website.

What are “Get Paid To” websites?

A Get Paid To website is a website where the user or member gets paid to perform a task. These tasks vary depending on the website. You can get paid to Complete Offers, Take Surveys, Write, Read Emails, Click, Play, and Promote.  Many of these tasks you perform in your daily routine.

How and why do you get paid by Get Paid To websites? The websites receive money from their sponsors. The sponsors could be members of the website or some other outside source. The Get Paid To website charges the sponsor and decides to give a percentage back to the member performing a task. The money is used as an incentive to perform the task.

For example, I want to show my website to 100 unique viewers on a Get Paid To website with a 1 level referral program of 100% (See the Get Paid To… page for more information on referrals).  It cost me $3.00 to show my website to 100 people.  You view my ad and receive 1 cent and because of the referral program, the person who you signed up under also receives 1 cent. After 100 people view my ad, a total of $2.00 is given to the members of the Get Paid To website. The Get Paid To website makes a profit of $1.00 for my purchase. In the end everyone wins. I get the views and hopefully some traffic to my websites and the members receive a cash incentive for completing the task.

Create A PayPal Account

If you do not have a PayPal account, I strongly recommend creating one. A personal PayPal account is free and secure. Many Get Paid To websites payout directly to your PayPal account. Some websites require you to be verified. To verify your PayPal account, you can link your PayPal to a bank account or get approved for a PayPal credit card. I recommend getting verified by linking your PayPal account to a bank account. It is easy and safe. Visit PayPal for more information.

Make A New Email Account

It is a good idea to make a new email account for all of your Get Paid To websites you become a member of. I use Yahoo! Mail, but feel free to use other email accounts such as Gmail or Hotmail. I use Yahoo! Mail because you get unlimited storage for free. It is a good idea to save your activation emails with your user name and password just incase you forget it sometime in the future.

Making a new email account for your Get Paid To keeps things organized. It keeps your personal email address clutter free and protect you incase you join a website that spams. Don’t panic if you already signed up using your personal email address. Most Get Paid To websites have an option to update and change the email address for your account. If this option is not available, email tech support and they should be able to help you.

Note: Do not forget to add your new email to your PayPal account. All you need to do is sign into your PayPal account, go to your Profile, click Email, then add your new email account. You will receive a conformation email in your new email account. Follow the link to verify the email address and you are set!

Pace Yourself!

Please do NOT join every Get Paid To website you come across here or anywhere else in such a short period of time. You will make the most amount of money if you focus your time and effort on a small group of Get Paid To websites. There are many to choose from and it is very easy to get overwhelmed. Join only the websites you have an interest in. I would recommend joining 3-5 websites to start. If you do not feel overwhelmed after a week or two, add a couple more Get Paid To websites to your list. Continue this process of adding Get Paid To websites to your list until you feel you have reached your earning potential. Check out the Hints, Tips, and Guides section for some additional information to help you maximized your earning potential and stay organized.