Get Paid To…

There are many different kind of Get Paid To websites out there. Some website specialize in their members performing a single task and others you have the option to choose between various Get Paid To tasks.  Make sure you check out the Hints, Tips, and Guides section to help increase your earnings on Get Paid To websites!

Get Paid To Click

Getting Paid To Click is very similar to Reading Emails. However, he amount you earn is usually smaller than emails. For the most part, you click an ad, view it for a fixed period of time, and the amount gets credited to your account. Some websites require you to click and confirm your a human and not a cheat bot before viewing the ad. The amount you get per ad can be very little such as 0.01 cents. Many websites have Paid To Click sections worth 0.25 cents, 0.33 cents, 0.50 cents and even 1 cent ads. The benefit is having a large quantity of ads to choose from. On some Get Paid To Click websites, you cannot run out of ads if you tried. Others are more limited, but usually have a higher value per click.

Get Paid To Complete Offers

Getting paid to Complete Offers is one of the quickest methods to earn cash on Get Paid To websites. The offers to complete greatly vary. An offer could be as simple as completing a questionnaire or survey. Other offers are to create a free account and become a member on other websites. The high paying offers are usually free trials or require a credit card number. For the most part, offers are free. There are some offers that have an initial cost, but the amount you receive for completing the offer is higher than than the amount is initially cost. Don’t forget to check out the Hints, Tips and Guides for some tips on increasing your earnings and approvals by Completing Offers.

Get Paid To Play

Getting Paid To Play is a fun way to earn money. They are extremely hard to come by. There are not many Get Paid To Play websites out there. I have come across many websites that claim they pay you to play games. A majority of these websites require you to deposit some cash into an online account and play with some of your money first. I have only compiled a list of online games that are free to play and earn cash back. Get Paid To Play websites have a decent pay out. If you put a little time, you can earn a fair amount of cash using these websites. If you are already a big online gamer, you these websites to your advantage!

Get Paid To Promote

Getting Paid To Promote works by advertising a Get Paid To website using a special link. Sometimes this link can be the same as your referral link and other times it is completely different. You get paid a rate for each unique view. A unique view consists of a page view by some person who has not opened your
Paid To Promote link within the last 24 hours. Therefore, you can receive credit if the same person views your link every day. Rates tend to fall in the range of $0.50-$1.00 per 1000 unique views.

Get Paid To Read Emails

A very simple way to earn cash is by Reading Emails. You receive emails to your regular email account or an build in email account on the Get Paid To website, where you view the email, “read” the email, and get paid. On some Get Paid to websites, you are credited the instant you confirm the email. On other websites, you must wait a certain amount of time before you account in credited. The time varies depending on the website, but usually falls somewhere around 30 seconds. These websites are powerful in numbers. Although each email may not be worth a whole lot (they usually hover around 1-5 cents a email), they add up quickly. They take very little of your time so you can join quite a few of these websites in order to maximize your earnings.

Get Paid To Take Surveys

Getting paid to Take Surveys are a nice way to make some extra cash. They are usually fairly high paying. Sometimes they are time consuming, but for the most part, take approximately 10-15 minutes per survey. You are asked series of questions about a familiar product, store, brand, etc. Most surveys have choices to choose from for each question. You may be required to do some typing for some portions of the survey.

Get Paid To Write, Post, and Blog

On Get Paid To Write, Post, and Blog websites, you get paid for your input. Some websites are discussion based websites. You ask questions, answer question, talk about activities, or even discuss the news.  On these websites, you are free to talk about whatever you wish. Other websites ask for your personal opinion on a specific subject. You may be asked to write a review that follows strict guidelines.  You may even need to meet a requirement in the length of your review. Get paid to Write, Post, and Blog websites hold a lot of potential to earn a lot of cash. You control how much you will make on these types of websites. The more time and effort you put in, the more you will make.