Spring Cleaning

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It seems like an appropriate time of the year to clean up my website a bit. I went through all of the GPT Websites I am a member of and decided to clean up the websites that earn pennies and/or I am not a big fan of anymore. I have been with these websites for about a year now and some of them take forever to reach payout and I want to be able to provide information on GPT Websites actually worth putting your time into to earn some cash. Here is the list of GPT Websites that I have removed along with some reasoning. Just because I have removed a website does not mean they are a scam. Please read my reason for removing the website before you make any conclusions.

Adbuddy – This is a GPT Click website. I’ve been a member since June 2007 and have 38 referrals with only $4.00 in my account. To me, it is not worth for me to keep up this website to make almost $5.00 every year. Also, the current minimum payout is $10.00 so I am only half way there. I haven’t heard any complaints about this website so feel free to join if you are still interested.

Adbux – I had a pending payment and they kept changing they’re payment dates and time periods. I no longer support this GPT Websites because of this pending payment issue. I would consider this website a scam and I am not the only one. Visit GPTBoycott to read about other complaints about this GPT Websites. – Pending payment issue. I have had a payment pending since December 2007 and I STILL have not been paid. The terms of service kept changing on the payment scheduling and it is now at 60 business days which I am well over. I email support and they told me to “be patient”. Well I’m sick of being patient so anyone reading this please do NOT JOIN BUX.TO. The sad part about this is I have actually been paid once before without a problem. This issue has just started beginning this year. Many other people are experiencing these problems. Visit GPTBoycott to read more complaints.

GainMail – Just not enough earning opportunities. You get very few emails, and hard to make a decent amount. You can really only earn pennies on this GPT Websites. The owner stopped taking care of the website and didn’t pay monthly fees. The website is now suspended and left a lot of people unpaid. Fortunately, I did not have that high of a balance and I was not scammed like many others were. If this website ever becomes active again, I would not suggest not joining this GPT Websites.

WePayMail – Another GPT Websites that is just hard to earn some cash on. Not a lot of earning opportunities.

ZotSpot – This was a great GPT Search Website. Unfortunately, this website closed which was scheduled. As far as I know, people were not scammed. They have redirected traffic to GoodSearch. GoodSearch is a search engine where you can search for a cause. Money is donated to the organization of your choice. Pick your organization and search. Money is donated for your searches. Great website, take a look.

That concludes the list of removed GPT Websites.

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